Sorrentino Square in Bay Ridge, NY

Sorrentino Square

Sorrentino Square in Bay Ridge is named after an author who contributed immensely to the world of literature, Gilbert Sorrentino (1929-2006).

After Sorrentino graduated from college, he went on to graduate school and got his Masters of Arts degree in European Literature.

He later served as an army doctor for two years during the Korean War before returning home.

During the 1950's, Sorrentino was an editor for Neon magazine. He founded this publication with his college friends in 1956 and went on to other firms until 1970 when he published two critically acclaimed novels: The Sky Changes which became popular after being nominated for a National Book Award; then Steelwork later that same decade.

With a successful writing career, Sorrentino was able to leave his mark on Bay Ridge.

He wrote over thirty works in total and some took place right around the time period where he lived there himself.

His award winning pieces include The John Dos Passos Prize for Literature from 1965-1966 American Academy Arts & Letters Award(1968)and Lannan Lifetime Achievement.

Sorrentino's career spanned three decades. He was a Professor in the English Department at Stanford University for seventeen years before he retired, during which time he served on numerous editorial boards and was named Outstanding Teacher of American Studies by his students.

In 1999, after a successful career in academia Mr. Sorrentino retired to Bay Ridge where he passed away from lung cancer on May 18 2006.

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