Sara D. Roosevelt Park in Bowery, NY

Sara D. Roosevelt Park

Sara D. Roosevelt Park in the Bowery area provides a refreshing respite for residents and visitors of Manhattan’s Lower East Side with its beautiful, lush green space amidst the concrete jungle.

This park is one of the few places in this busy city where you can be alone with your thoughts for hours on end. Even during rush hour when it feels like there are too many people everywhere.

Named for philanthropist Sara Delano Roosevelt in 1934, the park retains its important function of being an open space where seniors can enjoy playing with kids or just taking walks.

It also provides new residents a chance to socialize while exercising their minds.

Sara D. Roosevelt Park is the largest stretch of open space in this neighborhood, catering to its users by offering a diverse array of facilities and activities.

The Golden Age Center is a great place to spend time if you are senior citizen of an aspiring youth. They offer many amenities, including recently renovated synthetic turf soccer field that's popular among local teens! There are also several playgrounds for kids and a roller-skating rink may be enjoyed during warmer months.

The bottom tip near Chinatown is a great place to find children and elderly people playing cards. The kids can run around on the playground while their grandparents sit peacefully, surrounded by all that life has given them in this world. As you go up along Central Street towards Union Station there's soccer fields as well as basketball courts before Whole Foods Market on Houston St - which also provides some swings if your little ones need more than just playtime.

At one time, there was this big slide in the playground near Chinatown Grand Street. It had tire swings attached to wooden poles and even some columns. All of it came tumbling down because City Council changed everything around- making things metal instead with shorter heights for kids.

You can still play on handball courts that were recently renovated too - they've got new flooring.

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