Rockefeller Park in Battery Park City, NY

Rockefeller Park

This park is the perfect place to take a break from life.

It's very close to Ground Zero and the Goldman Sachs HQ in Battery Park City.

It’s not just about the place itself. It has everything you need for your perfect escape, whether it be to take a break or do something that is more active

A well-designed space can provide an amazing experience and this park does just that!

From its gorgeous views of both land AND water (plus ample room between), serene atmosphere with trees all around.

There are other nice parks in the city but what makes this one so different? The entire side facing water- free of buildings -as if it were floating along side an ocean liner.

This park is a wonderful escape from the hustle and bustles of New York City. With basketball courts, soccer fields as well as tons of green space where you can go for a picnic or simply enjoy nature.

It is a beautiful park for families, dogs, as well as those looking just stroll around town on some nice days- absolutely perfect views of Ellis Island and Statue of Liberty included.

The Martin Puryear massive pylon statues are right outside this iconic neighborhood; Tom Otterness playful sculptures are alongside riverside river frontage and a large children's playground awaits you at Lily Pond near ferry terminal if biking or running errands aren't quite adventurous enough...

And don’t forget about Ireland Hunger Memorial.

Robert F. Wagner Jr. Park

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