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New Museum

The New Museum of Contemporary Art has had many homes in its history, but it's most notable when they first opened their doors on Fifth Avenue.

They were there until 1983 before moving to SoHo.

In 1999, Lisa Phillips succeeded Marcia Tucker as director of the Museum.

The first floor at the time was rented for one year and seven thousand square feet to accommodate temporary exhibits in 2001 by Chelsea Art museum on West 22nd Street.

Over the past five years, The New Museum has exhibited artists from Argentina, Brazil and India among others. They have become one of the most internationally-oriented art institutions in NYC with an affiliation to Rhizome which houses global new media artwork.

The Carnegie Corporation has given the museum a $20 million grant to help it continue its outreach and education programs.

The New York City Museum of Modern Art was one among 406 arts institutions that received funding from this philanthropic organization back in 2005, thanks largely due Mayor Michael Bloomberg for his donation which made it possible.

The New Museum is a place that challenges the status quo, bringing new ideas and art into mainstream culture.

Ever since it was founded, the museum has taken on a mission of challenging stiff institutionalization in an art world where status quo prevails over creativity with any sort of imagination.

They are dedicated to artists who have not yet received significant exposure or recognition.

The New Museum's Digital Archive in the Bowery location is an online resource that provides access to primary sources from exhibitions, publications and programs.

The archive holds 7500 written materials for artists or researchers who want easy & safe access in one location.

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