Narrows Botanical Gardens in Bay Ridge, NY

Narrows Botanical Gardens

Narrows Botanical Gardens in the Bay Ridge area is a hidden oasis in the urban landscape of New York City.

This garden has been serving as an inspiration, refuge and sanctuary for people since it opened its doors to visitors from all over Brooklyn with one simple mission:

To cultivate nature through gardening while educating new generations on sustainability practices.

In order accomplish this goal NBG was created--a lush park that stretches along narrow bay views you won't see anywhere else.

The Gardens are situated on four and a half acres of parkland along Shore Road with an absolutely breathtaking view.

The exhibit is an excellent opportunity to see many beautiful and diverse gardens. Among them are the Native Plant Sanctuary, Lily Pond Zen Garden which was recently enlarged with new landscaping features such as stone paths.

This is a unique and special place. It's home to many native animals too.

There is also a menagerie of animals including east coast native turtles, bees and many species birds also includes an eclectic array. All thanks goes to the efforts from neighborhood volunteers who have spent their time in adding more life into this space with displays for everyone's enjoyment.

The Bay Ridge Gardens in New York City was not always so beautiful. Once a dumping ground for old tires and garbage, this park has been restored to its former glory as one of the best landscapes you can find.

When two local garden enthusiasts in 1995, James Johnson and Joan Regan began efforts to reclaim a neglected tree pit in their neighborhood park. Working independently at first they soon joined forces with other enthusiastic neighbors who had the same dream of seeing this forgotten space become alive again as well! What started out small has now turned into more than just one man’s personal project.

For 20 years, The Narrows Botanical Gardens has prospered thanks to the support from local businesses and political leaders. Thanks in part by their dedication that keeps this botanical oasis thriving for generations yet unborn; Grateful citizens make sure it will continue long after we're gone.

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