Museum of Street Art (MoSA) in Bowery, NY

Museum of Street Art (MoSA)

The Museum of Street Art in Bowery NY is a celebration of the reunion between artists, their creativity and craft. It shows that while 5 Pointz is lost forever in New York City's past, its spirit lives on through these 20 collaborating graffiti artists who painted stairs while a videographer documented it all.

The MoSA logo is a tribute to the iconic HOPE and LOVE pieces by famed artist Robert Indiana, who passed away in June 2018.

The plaza mural, which features wild style of layered and deconstructed letters by Meres One is a new artistic journey. For this renowned graffiti artist's 5000 sq ft piece inside the hotel he used lettering from his 2017 Bowery Piece.

The first time Meres One used this technique on a large scale wall, the idea came to him after 5 Pointz got demolished. He was looking at his the light hitting stained glass windows when it sparked for experimenting with new styles and now he's done just that -to great effect- by using them in CitizenM New York Bowery.

Museum With No Doors is a unique museum in which the 3 talents discovered something new.

They had been walking down stairs for quite some time when they came across this place, with an original track that matched perfectly to complete their discovery of Vertical Love Letter.

The last blessing at 5 Pointz was delivered by Rabbi Darkside before the building's tragic whitewashing. He is a musical performer, alongside Marley Marsl in some of his performances that were held there for years to come after its closing down. The Affair an annual event based out Queens but with roots from Astoria where they are part of this family who creates art together.

Watch out! The MoSA is a haven for anyone who loves art and history. You'll find all sorts of things here: from street artists, deep into the past-- even your future if you're willing to get it on film or take up Instagramming like everyone else these days.

You'll want to get your camera ready for the first photo-op, a mural by Meres One that features letters from 5 Pointz. Then cross over 21 floors of sky towards our bar in the clouds and enjoy some fresh air while taking pictures at this scenic overlook.

The experience is one-in-a million, but it's worth seeing the original site at 5 Pointz.

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