Museum of the Moving Image in Astoria Queens, NY

Museum of the Moving Image

The Museum of the Moving Image in the [Astoria neighborhood in Queens, New York City] is an essential destination for anyone who’s ever been captivated by movies or TV. The undeniable allure that cinema has on our culture can now be experienced through original artifacts like costumes, cameras used in production processes (and not just as props), memorabilia from stars who were once famous enough to make their own museum collections--plus much more!

There are many exhibits to explore at the museum, all designed with one goal in mind: To promote an understanding of what it was like back when this industry first started and how things have changed from then until now. There's a lot going on there so you'll never get bored! But if we could recommend just three items for your visit...

The audio/visual components will help give context about where movies come from by exploring historical aspects such as sound effects or memories associated with scenes captured on film; while panel discussions allow audiences insight into Hollywood insiders' conversations around current productions.

The Jim Henson Exhibition is a permanent exhibit honoring the life and ingenuity of this beloved puppeteer. Visitors to the museum can expect more than 120,000 attendees in 2017 alone!

History of the Museum of the Moving Image

In 1970, the Astoria Motion Picture and Television Center Foundation took control of a now-landmarked building in order to preserve it. The site's revitalization efforts were made possible by this preservation project which also allowed consumers' interest into film production as well as plans for an expansion that would provide more consumer access through museum exhibition space at one time emerged from these first steps taken back then!

The American Museum of the Moving Image opened on September 10, 1988 in a former movie palace as the first museum dedicated solely to film and television. It cost $15 million dollars.

The New York theater is a modern wonder, with its ability to present 70mm movie screenings and presentations from 35 or 16 mm film formats. It's one of only two sites in NYC able to show old nitrate prints which date back several decades ago when this technology was more popular than it currently may seem today! In addition visitors get the chance to watch TV lounges from earlier days on television sets that were not yet commonplace but would soon change our culture all over again.

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