Liberty Cruise in Battery Park City, NY

Liberty Cruise

A boat cruise around the Statue of Liberty located in the Battery Park City area is an essential part of any trip to New York City.

This iconic landmark has stood for more than 100 years, and its installation was a joint effort between America and France to celebrate our independence on July 4th.

The Statue of Liberty is an amazing symbol of freedom and opportunity. She stands tall, weighing 225 tons with a size 879 shoe to match! In 1887 when she welcomed her first immigrant ship into New York Harbor it was clear that this new country would be made up not just by people but their ideas too which have since grown so much more than most could imagine 85 years ago when they arrived on our shores

-Lady liberty has always had open arms for anyone who wants something better even if you're coming from far away.

If you want to get an up close and personal look at the Statue of Liberty, then a cruise is perfect for seeing it in all its glory.

They offer different times so no matter what day or time zone your in they can find one that works.

You'll start your journey at Pier 36, New York City. From there you will take it past Governors Island and the National Monument for military heritage in this area of NY.

Your guide will take you on a scenic cruise along the coast, from where you'll get an opportunity to see both New York City landmarks like The Statue Of Liberty and Ellis Island. With their commentary about each place in between what looks like amazing views of nature at its finest.

The Statue of Liberty Cruise from liberty cruise NYC allows you a look at New York City's historic South Street Seaport, where the story of America’s early maritime days and events that shaped it into today’s culturally diverse city can be explored.

New York City has so much to offer, and with its diverse culture it will be hard not find something that you like. Take a boat cruise around the Statue of Liberty if this is your first time visiting New York or venture into Central Park for some people watching before checking out more attractions in other parts of town.

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