John Paul Jones Park in Bay Ridge, NY

John Paul Jones Park

Standing in front of the Union Civil War Memorial, visitors are immediately struck by its scale. Measuring over 100 feet tall and weighing an estimated 3 tons per square foot (nearly double that if measured against granite), this powerful sculpture is meant as both symbolic reminder for those who fought on either side during America's battles but most importantly serves with honoring all veterans from every war since memorialized here forevermore.

John Paul Jones Park is a beautiful park in the midst of Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. It's home to cannons from both World Wars and The Civil War as well.

John Paul Jones Park has a rich history of American patriotism and military leadership.

He's often referred to as "the father of our Navy." John Paul Jones' legacy lives on at this land which holds several memorials from various events that shaped America history.

Locals, but rarely acknowledge Jones when speaking of this park due to how they refer too as "Cannonball Park".

They have long called it that because of one feature that is ammunition located around their centerpiece and oldest attraction: The Rodman gun.

The City of Brooklyn has been a major player in land development for over 150 years. In 1887, they purchased Shore Road and the surrounding property which would become Fourth Avenue - generating one acre just west from there as part of their acquisition process towards constructing this park between 1895-97 when it was transferred directly into Parks custody.

The flagpole that rests at the base of John Paul Jones Park is a reminder to us all, and especially those who live in Annapolis or visit frequently. The plaque reads "In honor of John Paul Jones - Father Of The Navy.

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