John J. Carty Park in Bay Ridge, NY

John J. Carty Park

Brooklyn, the Brooklyn of 1900 was an era where city planners built combined drives and parklands that would lead scenically from Prospect Park to outlying areas. This new development saw people moving away from crowded downtown.

The park in Bay Ridge is named in honor of John J. Carty, a native and resident who lived just five blocks away from here since 1909 has been named after him for his dedication to government service.

For a nearly 50 year, Rubber Park has been known as one of NYC’s premier parks to go and play. It was the first in New York City with rubber matting under children's equipment thus earning its name "Rubber Park".

The history of Rubber Park is a long and colorful one. The park was opened in 1964.

A visitor's guide to the playground of a local park. There are benches, drinking fountains and games for all ages.

This section contains red equipment that is appropriate for toddlers up through adults; yellow rubberized pads on the ground make it safe to play without shoes if you want too (or can't find any cracks) as well as handball courts where two people may compete against each other. The green area has swings which offer more safety with their padding so children don't fall out when going fast or far enough upwards in their arc.

When the community was tired of seeing their park in a sorry state, they organized events where locals could come out and help remodel or clean up. The park became much more inviting for local children to play due to these efforts from neighbors helping one another.

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