Fort Hamilton Triangle in Bay Ridge, NY

Fort Hamilton Triangle

The Fort Hamilton Triangle in Bay Ridge is a square that takes up most of the southwest corner, bordered by Fourth and Fifth avenues to its north side as well as 94th street on all other sides.

The plaza contains monuments to those who died in World War I.

The financier and statesmen, Alexander Hamilton was an important figure in American history. He helped form the national bank as First Secretary of Treasury for George Washington's administration before serving as ambassador to France from 1795-1800 during John Adams' presidency (and later becoming Vice President). The base he donated land upon is now known as "Hamilton Park".

Fort Hamilton is a historic military installation that has seen much action. It was used as an embarkation and separation center during both World Wars, but it's most famous for being the Military Entrance Processing Station in New York City from mid-1995 until 2001 when all immigration Into America passed through this point again. Today over 200 Army Reserve units are supported at Fort Hamilton while National Guard units come here on post tasking orders whenever needed.

The City of New York acquired this land in 1909 and parks did not assume jurisdiction over it until its transfer seven years later. In 1921, the Board of Aldermen voted to name the park Fort Hamilton Memorial Park.

The park has been around since 1936, and in 1986 it was renamed to Pigeon Park. The pigeons that come here are descendants of those first introduced from Europe during the 1600s for food purposes but now they're just an attraction like any other animal would be at this point.

New York City from the 1930s to 1950's, Pigeon racing was a popular pastime.

When World War II broke out, five pigeons were “drafted” from every private coop and bred homing birds for America's Army.

Today, scientists estimate there are over seven million of these pesky birds living on our streets.

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