First Street Green Cultural Park in Bowery, NY

First Street Green Cultural Park

In 2008, First Street Green in the Bowery area, converted a derelict building lot at 33 E. 1st Street in Manhattan into an open art space and garden serving the Lower East Side community.

When you think of New York City's vibrant cultural community, the Lower East Side probably doesn't come to mind. However, this area has been home for decades - before any buildings were torn down or renovated-to First Street Green which operates as both a park and art space hosting events by artists from all disciplines with long standing ties in their neighborhood.

When artists tagged downtown walls and organized performances, readings in public places they were continuing the legacy of art that had been created when employees from an oil company commissioned street photos.

The gardens and patio of First Street Green have been the site of many public programs, offering pedestrians a way to get away from street noise.

First Street Green is a popular summertime destination for people to enjoy the fresh air and relax. The gardens are immense, with breath-taking views of Lower East Side.

The community watched as dancers performed, singers sang and athletes played. Recent projects have included Community Mural School with mural painting being an art form that can be enjoyed by all ages in the area! Recently there was also seasonal open calls for artists to show off their talent at this venue which has seen many different types of musical performances throughout its history.

In a world full of concrete and steel, First Street Green is an oasis for the soul. With lush green landscapes that speak volumes about their benefits to this neighborhood while also being aesthetically pleasing in themselves with sculptures scattered throughout them, it's easy see why people would want more space like these.

Whether they are planting, crafting or painting murals to take photos of the experience for themselves and friends. Visitors will find something new at every turn.

First Street Green is dedicated to providing ongoing cultural activity.

It not only provides ongoing cultural activity in the form of events, but it also engages artists and community groups by hosting workshops for them throughout each year! The volunteers are committed every day on how they can make this space more engaging so that everyone will have fun here together- even if you're just passing through or live nearby all your life like most people do around these parts .

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