Center for Brooklyn History in Brooklyn Heights, NY

Center for Brooklyn History

The Center for Brooklyn History in Brooklyn Heights is an exciting collaboration between the Brooklyn Historical Society and BPL, combining materials collected over 157 years. The newly-formed center now has access to some of NYC's most expansive records on local history making it easily accessible through one catalogue!

The new initiative will help people learn more about their home town by providing them easy access Ģinformational tools' including books written especially with regard to the area or even digitized items from previous collections which can be searched online.

The Center for Brooklyn History (CBH) is a nonprofit organization that houses the largest collection of historical materials in all 60 branches of BPL's library system.

The center occupies 128 Pierrepont Street, an elegant landmark building designed by George B Post and home to Brooklyn Historical Society from 1891 up until 2010 when it moved into its beautiful new quarters on Eastern Parkway next door from where they work today! They extend this great archive beyond just their own space with programs like lectures series educating people about local history or expert-led tours teaching visitors everything there ever was know about the boroughs' past.

The Center for Brooklyn History is making waves with their new digital offerings. They are expanding the organizationsā€™ virtual public program and launching new, cutting edge technologies that will provide access to archives from both institutions' collections of oral histories, documents related to COVID participants' experience during this historic event in our borough's history.

The center has announced some exciting plans on how they plan on continuing growing one-of-a kind resources available within themselves as well as collaborating closely outside sources like Landmarks preservation service providers or even other universities libraries who have extensive collections fulling dedicated solely towards documenting life here before us.

Some people are obsessed with history, and the Othmer Library has a collection that will make you want to spend all day digging through it. Maps from Brooklyn's past can be found here as well as newspapers digitally preserved on microfilm or fiche for those who love reading about their ancestors' lives.

The Center for Brooklyn History is home to a large collection of historical maps, spanning almost six hundred years. The geographic coverage includes the five boroughs as well as Long Island and many other areas in New York State with detailed geographical information from 1562-2011 all captured on these beautiful pieces!

The map room at our favorite museum has everything you could wish for: centuries worth or vivid artistry combined with meticulous research into historic events that shaped this world we live in now.

The Oral History Collections contain interviews with over 300 narrators. A 2013 project is called Crossing Borders, bridging generations and it's about mixed heritage families who have historical perspective on their story which offers a unique look into today's society as well as how we got here culturally speaking.

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