Brooklyn Bridge Park Pier 5 in Brooklyn Heights, NY

Brooklyn Bridge Park - Pier 5

The Brooklyn Bridge Park Corporation is excited to announce that it has finally finished building Pier 5 Uplands in the Brooklyn Heights area, a new green space near Joralemon Street. With this opening the transformative 80% Of The Park That Was Built park will now be complete!

The Uplands at Pier 5 are a tranquil and expansive counterpoint to the bustling activity on neighboring sections. As with much else in New York City, this land hasn't always been here.

The Uplands are a new addition to the pier, and unlike other parts of it they're intended for more tranquil activities. The landscape architect Michael Van Valkenburgh says that he wants this area's natural beauty as well calm atmosphere so people can relax after spending time on vacation there.

The new 3.4 acre section at Pier 5 is meant to be a tranquil and expansive counterpoint.

The Uplands will provide an escape from bustling activity close by on Picnic Peninsula or soccer field across river but also not too far away where there's plenty going on all around you in this lovely (and vast) space- perfect if one wants some peace & quiet time outdoors with no distractions whatsoever--a breath taking view awaits those lucky enough find themselves lucky enough inside NYC.

The New York City park is one of the most scenic and popular parks in all of New York. It's also notable for its 35-foot long noise dampening berm, which blocks out much if not just about everything to create such an idyllic environment that anyone would want to stay here forever.

As you pedal along the scenic, bike-friendly waterfront greenway that follows this park from pier 1 to 6 and beyond - it's a leisurely ride.

You'll feel like a pro as soon as you get your rod and reel in action. The serenity of the view is interrupted only by occasional glimpses of waterfowl, which provide excellent motivation to go after those who are too fast for them .

The soccer fields are great because they have natural grass, which makes it feel like you're playing in an actual game with Mother Nature herself.

Pier 4 Beach

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