Brooklyn Bridge Park Pier 1 in Brooklyn Heights, NY

Brooklyn Bridge Park - Pier 1

The Salt Marsh at the southern edge of Pier 1 is a quaint spot to enjoy nature and relax. The native plant life thrives in this climate, while you sip your iced tea or coffee under salvaged granite seating areas that were once part of old buildings abandoned long ago by humans but found new purpose when transformed into places for people like us who appreciate simplicity and beauty with every day use instead.

When you think of New York, what comes to mind? The Empire State Building. Times Square. Brooklyn Bridge Park might not be at the top of many people's lists but it should be! This pristine green space has its own unique ecosystem with salt marshes as one example - rare in this city where development seemingly always wins out over conservation efforts (or maybe we just haven't found time yet). Enter Smooth Cordgrass; these pioneers are determinedly cultivating exclusive plant communities that once dominated our coasts back when they were rich and fertile instead, and now provide us life-saving services like filtering nutrients off sewage runoff into rivers downstream.

The Cordgrass is a rare occurrence along the shoreline, and provides habitat for ducks to eat in as well as other waterfowl. In addition it's home to many crustaceans and bivalves too.

Cordgrass is a survivor. It can withstand the oxygen-constricting power of saltwater and thrive in marshy terrain, even as most plants suffocate under such conditions with their roots unable to get enough air or nutrient rich water from beneath them for survival.

Cordgrasses distinctive growth habits have made it one of nature's greatest survivors--able to move free via submerged stems much like how trees do so through aerial ones.

The cordgrass in a natural salt marsh grows taller and forms new land. The accumulation of debris over time creates more habitat for less tolerant plants like eel grass, reeds or rushes that can survive with low levels of salinity because they have adapted to this environment where there is little sand around their roots which would otherwise compact them out due to weight from standing water.

Pier 1 of Brooklyn Bridge Park is the largest pier, and it also has some features that are only found in this place. For one thing, Pier One was built on landfill rather than using wooden marine piles like other piers did at their time; you can find sweeping lawns with great views for sunbathing or playing games near by children’s playground equipment which will make your day more fun while they're still little! You might enjoy taking walks along Harbor View Lawn where waves splash up against scenic rocks below--a perfect spot to end all visits.

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