Brighton Beach Playground in Brighton Beach, NY

Brighton Beach Playground

The Brighton Beach playground is a hidden gem in the heart of Brooklyn. The Boardwalk, with its pristine waters and romantic setting sunsets over New York City's skyline makes this an ideal place for couples to spend their holiday time together.

The area was named Brighton Beach for Britain’s well-known resort on the English Channel back in 1878.

Brighton Beach, after the popularity of its residents began growing due to express subway service that made it possible for people living there year-round. Developers built colonies and dozens six story apartment buildings in this area because they knew how much demand there would be from those who wanted more than just summertime housing options.

Brighton Beach has always been a melting pot for people from different backgrounds. From the first half of the century to now, Jews have moved there in droves; they were soon joined by immigrants like Italians and East New York residents who wanted more space due to their booming population growth thanks to manufacturing jobs at shipyards along with other industries that took off during World War II.

In 1946, New York City acquired the grounds and assigned it to Parks four years later. In 1950 a new playground was built as part of Coney Island’s improvement program- which you can find not too far from Boardwalk.

In 1954, Robert Moses proclaimed that as part of the construction process for constructing "This fabulous neighborhood," known throughout the world would be one of New York City's most desirable residential neighborhoods and served by some of its finest oceanfront recreation areas.

The playground design is so much more than just a simple piece of metal and concrete. This spot outside the city has been transformed into an aquatic wonderland where players can go from land to sea in seconds, with seashell-decorated pathways sweeping them onto their boardwalk adventure.

Brighton Beach

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