Athens Square in Astoria Queens, NY

Athens Square

The Park at Athens Square located in the Astoria Queens, NY area is named for the capital of modern Greece and home to ancient Greek civilization.

From 594-404 BC, literature thrived in this region as well as science philosophy; arts were also prominent during these times with great achievements by many artists including Socrates.

In 1963, after much persuasion, the Board of Education finally agreed to jointly operate a playground with Parks. A new school and yard were built on this site for P.S17 students in 1967.

About four years later, when the park reopened, it featured a basketball-volleyball court with hand and foot sections to play any of those sports as well as sandbox excavation equipment for kids' enjoyment.

There were also game tables where families could picnic or play cards while they wait in line at one of two comfort stations strategically placed around this beautiful green space.

The $1 million capital reconstruction was funded by city and completed in 1990, it's an idea that originated from members with a larger Greek-American population who had immigrated because they were fleeing war after World War II broke out again (1945 - 1949).

The group wanted to use their newly reclaimed space as neighborhood gathering place where families could socialize or play games while children enjoyed themselves running around outside at the park.

The group's intention was to create "a little bit of Athens in Astoria," and they have done just that. The Park at Athens Square has three zones: a central court with amphitheater for concerts or plays, recreational space where kids can play outdoors without supervision while parents relax next door on one side; then there's perimeter seating around this open green area which creates an inviting atmosphere perfect for all types events.

On March 28, 1998 Demetris Avramopoulos presented a replica of the ancient goddess Athena for installation in New York City’s Central Park. Sculptors Stavros Georgopoulos and Spiro Goggakis fashioned this bronze copy based on their understanding that it should be both elegant but also robust enough to withstand harsh weather conditions.

Queens is a diverse borough with many historical names. In 1839, Stephen A Halsey incorporated the town of Astoria as he named it after John Jacob Astor - an American fur trader and landowner.

The prosperity from this area was so great that it attracted a large German-American community and Steinway piano company.

In the 20th century, construction of homes and apartments transformed Astoria into a thriving community. In addition to this rapid growth came many new industries that have made it one of New York City's most diverse neighborhoods today.

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